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Get a Sump Pump Installed in Minnesota

Sump pumps gather water that has gone into your basement and pumps it outside and away from the home.

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A common strategy to keep many commercial and residential basements dry is the use of sump pumps. This strategy has several advantages in that it doesn’t so much attempt to prevent water from entering a home, but rather diverts the water into a catch basin which can be easily pumped outside the home when the water reaches a certain level. You won’t have to worry about water coming back into your home after it’s pumped out because of the advanced design of our sump pumps.

How Does the Installation Process Work?

At Zimmer Bros, our teams of experienced technicians often use a two-pronged approach to ensure our clients never have to worry about a leaky basement again. We typically apply a waterproof sealant to the interior and/or exterior of the home, regrade the soil to direct water away from the home, and then install a sump pump to collect and divert any water that may get inside due to storms, faulty construction, or bad plumbing. We truly think of everything before we leave your home so that you’re prepared for the worst, so contact us today!

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A sump pump is a great addition to any home with a basement. It acts as a final defense mechanism in the event that some water gets into the interior of your home. Act now before water does expensive damage to your finished basement.

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  • Long-term reliability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Can be installed in a finished basement


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