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Keeping your interior dry and clean is essential to having a healthy basement. If you’ve already experienced the damaging effects of a flood in the past, you know how much work goes into cleaning the area and draining it of water. That’s why you’ll find so many homes turn to interior waterproofing systems on top of other waterproofing solutions to ensure they have the most protection possible.

How Does Interior Waterproofing Work?

We start by fixing any underlying problems (such as a cracked foundation) that may worsen over time and undo any further protections we implement. Then we use special waterproofing materials to fill any cracks or holes to the exterior. Finally, we apply a layer of waterproof sealant to the interior surfaces of the basement. This process requires exposed walls to be effective, so it is important to plan for this project at the outset of any basement finishing or remodeling project.

why fix it now?


You may want to apply an internal waterproofing sealant before you finish your basement whether you suspect the possibility of leaks or not. Once your basement is finished, the next opportunity to waterproof your basement will likely be after you have suffered through a flood and have to spend even more money on repairs. Preventative interior waterproofing is the best way to take care of your investment.

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Waterproofing strip over rocks


  • Waterproofing sealants are extremely effective when applied to interior walls
  • A maintenance-free solution to water problems
  • Provides peace of mind to homeowners who live in rainy areas
  • Saves you money in the future when heavy storms strike


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