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At Zimmer Bros, we’ve seen it all when it comes to crawl spaces. With our years of experience cleaning, waterproofing, encapsulating, and dehumidifying crawl spaces, we’ve come to trust Grip-Tite for all our crawl space repair solutions. Grip-Tite is one of the nation’s most trusted sources for crawl space repair products. As an authorized Grip-Tite dealer and installer, we can offer you their fantastic line of products at the most affordable prices.

What Products Do We Install?

Whatever your problem, Grip-Tite has the solution for you, including:

Grip-Tite puts every product through rigorous testing to ensure that each product exceeds the highest standards for safety and longevity. That’s why, at Zimmer Bros, we use Grip-Tite products exclusively in our crawl space repair projects. Our clients deserve the very best and we know that Grip-Tite will deliver on that promise.

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When you need a company you can trust, you choose Zimmer Bros Waterproofing. We have years of experience in the Minnesota and are ready to serve you. Call us today to schedule your free on-site evaluation and estimate for repairs!

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When it comes to repairing and protecting your crawl space, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. No matter what challenges you are facing, the experienced teams of technicians at Zimmer Bros have the answer for you. We have encountered every type of problem and have studied the best methods and products for overcoming them. Trust the Zimmer Bros to find the right solution for your unique situation!

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