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Wall Anchor Systems for Foundation Repair in Minnesota

Wall anchors can fix bowing or leaning walls.

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If your basement walls are bowing, flexing, or leaning, your home’s structural integrity may be seriously threatened. As the soil surrounding your basement walls becomes saturated by excess moisture, it builds up hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can exert extremely dangerous pressure on your basement walls, causing them to bow, flex, or tilt.

How Does The Grip-Tite Wall Anchor System Work?

The Grip-Tite Wall Anchor System is used to stabilize and correct (over-time) walls suffering from hydrostatic pressure. Reinforced steel plates are placed at critical locations on the interior of your basement walls and connected to anchor plates buried deep in the soil surrounding your home. These plates have an extremely low profile and require minimal maintenance. Best of all, this system can be installed without excavation and minimal disturbance to your lawn or landscape. This is perfect for any home that is suffering from small to critical foundation damage.

Choose Zimmer Bros Waterproofing

We’ve been providing quality waterproofing, concrete, and foundation repair services to the Minnesota residents for many years, so you know we have the tools and experience to get the job done right. If you’ve been experiencing bowing, flexing, or tilting walls, we may have the perfect solution for you in the Grip-Tite Wall Anchor System. Home repairs can be stressful, but they don’t have to be when you choose our team. To get started on your home, give us a call today and receive a free quote!

why fix it now?


A bowed or leaning basement wall is one of the most dangerous conditions for a home. Don’t wait until something tragic happens before taking action. Your home’s structure is increasingly compromised each additional day you wait.

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  • In most cases, wall anchors can straighten wall (over time) without excavation
  • Limited disturbance to lawn and landscape
  • Low-profile wall plate can be easily painted or finished over
  • Counteracts pressure on the wall without causing damage to structure
  • Will stabilize bowed, leaning, and sheared walls
  • Patented product can only be installed by Manufacturer-Certified Installers


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Don't let problems like these rob you of your peace of mind.

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