Vapor barrier installed in crawl space

Crawl Space Dehumidification Minnesota

Reducing the humidity in your crawl space can be very beneficial for your home.

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Did you know that a good portion of the air supplied to your home comes from the crawl space? As a homeowner, do you spend a lot of time inspecting that area? To avoid future problems, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect the space underneath your home. Whether you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall or humidity, the moisture can become trapped in your crawl space. When the moisture is trapped, it can lead to mold growth, rotting wood, and more. You don’t want the air cycling to the rest of your home to be filled with mold spores. At Zimmer Bros Waterproofing, we can help.

How Can We Fix Your Humidity Problem?

Dehumidification is a critical but often-overlooked piece of every waterproofing solution. A good dehumidifier will pull moisture right out of the air and remove it from the environment completely. At Zimmer Bros, we recognize this as an important final step towards ensuring that your home stays safe, dry, and secure for years to come. We carry only the best products to ensure your dehumidifier won’t die out when you need it most.

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Zimmer Bros is Central Minnesota’s leading waterproofing specialist. We have many years of experience in this industry and have learned over time what works best for our clients. That’s why we’ve earned such a great reputation among our clients. Don’t wait another minute to fix your home’s humidity problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment and free estimate!

why fix it now?


Other pieces of the overall crawl space repair strategy still leave damaging moisture in the air. Adding a dehumidifier completes the moisture removal and prevention process. There’s no better time to act than before damage has fully set in.

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Graphic of how a dehumidifier works inside a home


  • Reduces the overall moisture in the air
  • Requires minimal maintenance and repair
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance


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