Egress Window and window well

Quality Window Well Installation in MN

Window wells are a great way to add extra safety to the lower levels of your home.

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Egress windows are designed to allow people to escape a basement living space in the event of an emergency. If your basement living space is below ground, a window well will be necessary to ensure a proper escape route. There are many different types of window wells available that provide homeowners with a wide range of visual appeal and features.

What Kinds Of Window Wells Are There?

Safety doesn’t always mean ugly or boring. The most straightforward and inexpensive window wells are little more than corrugated steel formed into a U-shape. Depending on your local building codes and the depth of the window, a ladder or step feature may be required. Other window wells are made of molded plastic and resemble wood, brick, or stone. Often, this type of window well has steps molded into it to ease with egress. Whatever your needs or budget, Zimmer Bros Waterproofing has the perfect window well for you.

why fix it now?


It’s never too early to make your home safer for your loved ones and guests in the case of an emergency. Adding a window well can make using an egress window much easier. Plus, adding a high-quality window well can increase the visual appeal of both your interior and exterior. Depending on where you live, building codes may require it. If you’re caught without one, you could face heavy legal consequences.

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Egress Window and window well


  • Provide a safe means of escape in the case of emergency
  • Conform to local and national building codes
  • Increase the visual appeal of your interior spaces
  • Create an interesting exterior feature
  • Improved rainwater drainage around egress windows


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