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Why is Your Basement Flooding?

We dig in deeper to the root of the problem.

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At Zimmer Bros Waterproofing, we know the entire waterproofing project is important, from beginning to end. It’s not only important to fix the underlying problems causing the water damage to your home, but educate you, the homeowner, about what causes the problems in the first place so that you know how to handle them in the future. Continue reading below to learn more about what causes water damage in wet and dry seasons.

Heavy Rain

Any time there is heavy rain, there is the possibility of hydrostatic pressure forcing water into your basement or crawl space. This can lead to devastating damage and potential health hazards in your home’s interior. Water is not something you should take lightly, as it can quickly damage your belongings and allow mold and mildew to flourish in those dark corners of your basement. The health and safety of your home is at risk when heavy rains come inside your home.

Clogged Gutters & Downspouts

Your gutters are essential to keeping water away from your home. If your gutters have been clogged by old leaves and debris, or they have been damaged in any way, they are not doing their job and your home can suffer. The water that would originally be caught and directed by the gutters is now gathering near your home, putting pressure on the foundation and basement walls. This can lead to water entering your basement and causing problems.

Poor Lot Grading

If the land underneath your home wasn’t properly graded before the home was built on top of it, you could have serious water issues. Water could be directed towards your home instead of away from it. This could cause serious problems, especially if your home has not been fitted with any waterproofing systems or preventative measures.

Unmaintained Foundation

As your home ages, it is bound to shift and settle due to the land shifting beneath it. When this happens, it can have negative effects on your foundation and basement. Foundation problems can make basement walls weak, leading to cracks that allow water into your home. You want to make sure you inspect your foundation regularly for signs of damage to avoid worse problems in the future.

Water Pipe Problems

One of the most obvious causes of water in your basement is water pipe problems. If you have a broken pipe or a sudden burst, you’ll definitely know about it. You will have to call a professional to get the problem under control.

Sump Pump Failure

Even if you’ve taken the preventative measures to keep your home safe from water damage, your home could still have water issues. Your waterproofing systems could fail and water can still gather in your basement. You’ll either need to get your system repaired or replaced depending on the damage level.

Egress Window Leaks/Window Well Separation

If you have egress windows or egress doors in your basement, you need to check them regularly to make sure they are not leaking into your home. Over time, the seal on windows and doors can deteriorate and create problems. Your entire window well can also start to separate from your house and create another pathway for water to come in.

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