Most Trusted Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Services in Willmar, MN

Willmar residents can trust us for all their home repairs related to water damage.

To deal with a leakage in your basement or foundation issue, you need help from professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience. When you need basement waterproofing in Willmar, MN, you need Zimmer Bros Waterproofing & Concrete.

With vast field experience, we have successfully dealt with diverse and complex foundation and basement issues. That means that our trained, certified, and experienced team can handle any issue that might damage your property’s foundations. By using advanced machinery and quality waterproofing and foundation repair products, we deliver best-in-class solutions that last for years to come.

Expert Basement Waterproofing in Willmar, MN

Water can cause serious damage to your property’s basement. If there is a leakage or flooding in your basement, you should take immediate action. Failure to do so can lead to a bigger mess and serious structural damage that is costly to repair. When you need effective and affordable basement waterproofing in Willmar, MN, you need Zimmer Bros.

Why choose us as your basement waterproofing company?

Our knowledge, experience, equipment, and high-quality products restore the integrity of your basement and property. With extensive training, our skilled professionals deliver waterproofing solutions that keep your basement in perfect condition for years to come.

How do we deliver superior solutions and unparalleled customer service?

When you contact us for basement waterproofing in Willmar, MN, we visit and inspect your property to identify the leading cause of basement damage. Based on our observations, we develop an action plan to resolve the problem in the first attempt. Using advanced and proven basement waterproofing and repair products, such as sump pumps and special drains, we’ll correct water issues.

Our professionals are experienced enough to handle any basement issue, quickly and efficiently. From basement floor cracking to pipe penetration, from cove joint seepage to tie rods, masonry walls, floor drain cracks, and problems, we have you covered. Zimmer Bros provides long-lasting basement proofing solutions so that you can live, construct, remodel, or sell your property confidently.

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Professional Foundation Repair in Willmar, MN

When you spot a problem in your foundation, you should take immediate action. If you ignore a small problem initially, it can develop into a pressing issue later on. Then, it would probably cost you a fortune to take care of a problem of this magnitude.

Getting professional foundation repair in Willmar, MN, from Zimmer Bros on time ensures that your foundation issue does not develop into a bigger problem. Our outstanding products and services provide great value for your money.

We give you peace of mind and fix your property’s foundation right according to the standards using the latest equipment and proven effective products in the first attempt. Through our knowledge and expertise, we provide long-lasting fixes, not temporary repairs. From leaning walls to basement floor cracks, sinking home, foundation settlement, and various other failing foundation issues, we handle even the worst problems with professional confidence.

Crawl Space Repair in Willmar, MN

Due to its location, a crawl space is easy to ignore. Doing so, however, can have multiple negative consequences. When moisture is present in your crawl space, the humid environment makes it an ideal place for mold to thrive. Not only does this affect your indoor air quality, but it also can lead to wood rot and structural damage.

For first-rate crawl space repair in Willmar, MN, turn to Zimmer Bros. From dehumidification to complete crawl space encapsulation, we offer solutions that keep your crawl space dry.

Other Services from Zimmer Bros Waterproofing & Concrete

At Zimmer Bros, our goal is to help Willmar property owners protect the value of their properties. In addition to our foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair, we deliver home solutions that protect integrity and value.

Some of our home services include:

  • Egress Window Installation: In addition to improving your home’s overall waterproofing system, egress windows serve as a method of escape in the event of an emergency. As experienced egress window installers in Willmar, MN, we can install or repair windows with ease.
  • Excavation Services: For effective and affordable excavation services in Willmar, MN, trust Zimmer Bros. Our team of professionals is experienced in laying foundations, grading properties for proper drainage, and concrete demolition.

Call us now to get prompt and robust basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Willmar, MN!