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If your foundation is experiencing settlement, the Grip-Tite Push Pier System installed by Zimmer Bros is your answer. This system utilizes the weight of your home to drive a cylindrical pier deep down to a stable strata capable of supporting your structure. Upon reaching the proper depth, the pier is then bracketed to the foundation. We bracket these piers every 6 feet around the perimeter of your structure to ensure that the entire foundation is fully supported.

Each individual pier and bracket receives a hot-dipped galvanized coating to ensure that it is resistant to corrosion. Then the piers and brackets are load-tested during installation to ensure that they will withstand the extreme pressures of supporting your building’s structure. Contact Zimmer Bros today to find out how we can help you with your foundation repair needs!

why fix it now?


Each day that passes weakens your building’s structure and allows it to sink even further into unstable soil. Don’t wait until your home has suffered additional damage before you act!

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  • Stabilizes and supports your home’s foundation in stable soil strata
  • Minimal damage to landscape and lawn
  • Long-term solution to a difficult problem
  • Load-tested engineering for each part of the solution